Asset Finance

Most energy companies require investment in vehicles or equipment, which may represent a sizable part of their annual capital expenditure.

Your business may need to invest in commercial vehicles or purchase new plant and equipment to help run and grow your business.

The most flexible way to raise the funding required to do this is to use Asset Finance, and spread the cost of the purchase across the lifetime of the asset whilst it contributes to the business.

Harvest 4 Energy Ltd, in cooperation with Harvest Financial Services Ltd has access to an extensive panel of funders, which allows us to arrange asset finance against most capital items that a business would purchase.

It may be a car, or a piece of manufacturing equipment, or computer IT/software – whatever you are looking at, we can offer a solution.

You might be a sole trader, partnership, or limited company, a well-established or a new start business, whatever your circumstances, we will be able to find suitable funders for your specific requirements.

Our Asset Finance services are available to all companies in Cyprus.

  • Car Finance
  • Commercial Vehicle Finance
  • Construction Plant Finance
  • Machinery and Equipment Finance
  • Asset Refinance / Equity Release Finance
  • Non Core Asset Finance
  • Solar Photo voltaic Finance
  • Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase
  • Finance Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Sale & Lease Back
  • Sale & HP Back
  • Short-to-Medium Vehicle Hire
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