Construction Equipment Finance

Our current panel of funders help provide a variety of construction finance solutions, specifically designed to support the needs of construction firms.

Using our experience of funding sub-contractors and construction related business, across a variety of sectors working under various contracts, we strive to provide uniquely tailored funding solutions.

Whether you need to change a bobcat, a loading shovel, an excavator or maybe a recycling screen, our expert team of professionals can help you review the market to pinpoint the best finance solution for your needs.

We can also help you fund a variety of other ancillary equipment used within your business – for example portable buildings and power generators.

As you are operating in one of the largest sectors of the industry, we understand that our construction finance solutions have to be flexible and responsive to your changing needs.

Our rates are excellent, and we ensure that responsible credit terms are being provided to our clients.

We do work harder to find the right terms for you!

Current vehicle finance facilities include:- Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase, Finance Lease, and Operational Lease funding.

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