Lease Financing

Operating Leases for Energy Efficiency

  • Avoid all upfront capital costs
  • Off balance sheet, non-debt finance
  • Energy cost savings exceed cost of monthly payments
  • Available to both the public and private sectors

Harvest 4 Energy Ltd have a variety of operating lease solutions (which we apply and tailor to the project type) – in effect a rental agreement which allows you to benefit from the installation of energy efficient technologies without the need to find the capital at the outset.

We will always ensure that the rental payments are lower than the projected energy savings right from year one, and that the equipment installed is designed to last well beyond the term of the rental agreement.

The contract takes the form of a three, five or seven year rental whereby the ownership of the equipment remains with the lessor until the end of the term – at which point it can be purchased by the client or the term extended.

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