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Harvest 4 Energy Ltd, consults corporations on new technologies in the field of Natural Gas, LPG, LNG and promotes natural gas and CNG, LPG for electricity generation and auto use. The potential of FLNG in the East Mediterranean and Modular LNG technologies will change the landscape in the next few years as we move into cleaner and more efficient raw materials for our energy needs.

We work with different business models, including the sale of project development, during the development phase or turnkey projects to investors. PV Solar Parks, LPG installation and distribution, LNG bunkering, Natural Gas Storage and Bio diesel manufacturing are key areas.

Though our commercial and recreational scuba diving subsidiaries I Dive Tec Rec Centers Plc in Protaras and Ayia Napa, Semesco Ltd, electromechanical and marine engineering partners we undertake challenging offshore engineering projects for the Oil & Gas industry and assume difficult project management tasks. We are acting advisers to banks that seek to finance energy projects and we act as consultants to the Government of Cyprus in relation to the promotion of these projects. We have successfully presented studies on the relocation of petroleum products and LPG installations from Larnaca to Vasilikos industrial area, proposed, designed and sought finance for the Cyprus energy port and installed both residential and commercial industrial scale PV parks in Cyprus and abroad.

Harvest 4 Energy Ltd,  offers the complete project development and financing with a flexible approach tailored to project stakeholders. Harvest 4 energy Ltd operates in Cyprus and serves three continents in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, mainly in jurisdictions in which renewable energies and hydrocarbons are not heavily supported by governmental subsidies. We believe these markets have other specific characteristics which allow sustainable and secure investments, for example through Power Purchase Agreements, or through the auxiliary services provision.

Harvest 4 Energy Ltd,  project finance team brings solar, wind, biomass, alternative fuels, bio-diesel and equipment financing, project financing and private equity experience together to provide customers many needs.

What we do? Harvest 4 Energy Ltd, is a diversified conglomerate that bridges the gap between energy engineering strategies, marine works and energy finance and economics.  Every project is unique with specific tasks and financial requirements. We have formed a professional team of experts that analyze business models and work closely with customers for the implementation of their energy projects. We cooperate with some of the top banks, venture capitalist, evangelist, seed investors, equity investors and engineers so we offer multiple solutions. From startup to listing to funding we have your project covered. Harvest 4 Energy Ltd, is a member of the board of the Cyprus Oil & Gas Association. Contact us for a more personal response to your needs.

To receive further information on emergency first response, marine, commercial diving, scuba diving training for the offshore oil and gas industry please visit our subsidiary companies, for ongoing training schedules and prices.

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    Buying assets outright can tie up capital and raise the risk of unpredictable resale values. On the other hand, selling your asset to us and leasing it back lets you budget more effectively, with fixed monthly payments while eliminating your exposure to...

  • Asset Finance

    Harvest 4 Energy Ltd can help your organisation by: Funding your energy-related technologies – we can fund assets individually or as part of a larger project. Securing valuable funding – we are working with a number of leading Energy Finance Companies and venture capitalist,...

  • The Path to a Cleaner World

    Harvest 4 Energy Ltd, offers solutions with Wind Energy Systems for Homes, Boats, wind Farms & Businesses.  Based on your requirements we can  customize the project to fit your unique energy situation. Our wind energy products range from a starter Small Wind Turbines...